Social Security Administration Employees Detailed or Assigned to Non-Social Security Offices

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-03-08.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


The  Eonorable   Sam M. Gibbons
Chairman,   Subcommittee  on Cversight
Committee       on Nays and           Xeans
House of       Representatives                                                            I1111111111
Dear     Mr.   Chairman       :

       This     is    in response            to former      Chairman       Charles      A. Va,lik’s
letter    dated       February         2, 1976,       in which      he gave       us a list       of         20
Social    Security          Administration            employees      detailed         or assigned
to non-Social           Sncur ity       offices       and asked ‘us to determine                the
type   of work        they      perform#        and if they       are r.ot engaged           in
Social    Security          activities          whether     their    sslary       is reimbursed
to tne trust          fund,       and,     i1 not,      the legal      basis      for   such d?-

         Of the       20 employees,           15 were working           in either         finance
or personnel            in the Department             of Health,        Education,           and Xel-
fare’s       regionai       offices       in At1 inta        and San Francisco.                 ::oze
of the       five employees           detai?ed        outside      of the Social            Security
Administration             were perfcrmi.ng           Social     Security       related         work
nor were their             salaries       r.?imbursed         to the trust         fund.        ml t-
withstanding            the nature        of work       being    performed,          Social        Secu-
rity     Administration             employees       may generally          be detailed            within
the Department             or to other         executive        agencies      on a nonreim-
bur sable        basis +

          Under 5 U.S.C.           3341,      the head of an executive                   department
may detail    employees     among its    bureaus                   and offices,            .except    em-
ployees    who are required      b y law to be                    exclusively           engaged     on
some specific     work.

       There is no generai        statutory     or administrative          ?llthority
for  nonreimbursable     interdepac tmental        details        of personnel.
However,    GAO has traditionally          allowed sl?ch details,          provided
that (1) employees     detailed       are not required          by law to be en-
ga9ed exclusively     on the work for which           their       salaries      are ap-
propr iated and (2) their         services     can be spared.
          We reviewed        pertinent         provisions         of   the    Social       Security
Act      as amended (42 U.S.C.                301, et       seq.),     and the         fiscal     year

         B-164    -031(3    I

         1976 approprla+ion               from    which       the salaries            of ~71ployecs           of the
         Social       Seclur i:-1 Adainistr2ti3.2               were pi::           (Purl ic Lclw 34-205)
         and found         no restrlcticns            in    these       statutes         cor,cernlnG        the
         work     that     is to be per f~~rzsi             ‘oy these         e7.ployees.           Accord inqLy ,
         there      anpears       to be no l?ga1            basis       precltiding          the Socicll
         Security        Adainistration           fro?      allowing          nonreinoursable             intrade-
         pa: tmental         or interdepar        tzent31         Zetails.

                 We trust       the    above      information            will    be      of   assistance     to

                                                             Sincerely          yours,

                                                  ACTING Comptroller     Ge%al
                                                         ,f the United     States


c.   -