Financial Managers in the Federal Government

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1999-10-01.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)


     U.S. Government Chief Financial Officem                      The Joint Financial Management lmprovenient
     Council                                                      Program
         The members of the U.S. Government Chief                     The JFMIP is ajoint and cooperative undertaking of the
     Financial Officers (CFO) Council-the CFOs and                U.S. Department of the Treasury, the General Accounting
     Deputy CFOs of all the 24 largest Federal agenciesand        Ofice, the Oflice of Management and Budget, and the Office
     senior officials of the Office of Management and Budget      of Personnel Management working in cooperation with each
     and the Department of the Treasury-work                      other and other agenciesto improve financial management
     collaboratively to improve financial management in the       practicesin government. The Program was given statutory
     U.S. Government. The CFO Council has become a                authorization in the Budget and Accounting Procedures Act
     strong force for active cooperation among agencies           of 1950 (31 USC 65). Leadership and program guidance are
     dealing with common problems. Its composition of both        provided by the four Principals of the JFMIP-Comptroller
     political appointees and’ senior career civil servants       General of the United States,Secretary of the Treasury, and
     ensurescollaboration and continuity of effort.               the Directors of the Office of Management and Budget, and
         Under the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, the      the Office of Personnel Management. Each Principal
     CFO Council was establishedto advise and coordinate          designatesa representative to serve on the JFMIP Steering
     the activities of the agenciesof its members on such         Committee, which is responsible for the general direction of
     matters as consolidation and modernization of financial      the Program. The JFMIP Executive Director, and a program
     systems,improved quality of financial information,           agency representative (who servesfor 2 years.)are also on the
     financial data and information standards, internal           Steering Committee.
     controls, legislation affecting financial operations and         The Program promotes strategiesand guides financial
     organizations, and other financial management matters.       management improvement acrossgovernment; reviews and
         The CFO Act legislated broad authority for each          coordinates central agenciesactivities and policy
     CFO to oversee all financial management activities           promulgations; and acts as catalyst and clearinghouse for
     relating to the programs and operations of the agency.       sharing and disseminating information about good financial
     With this authority, the CFO will ensure that sound          management practices. This information sharing is done
     financial management practices are applied in all            through conferencesand other educational events, newsletters,
     organizational components of his or her agency and that      meetings with interagency groups and agency personnel, and
     modem automated financial systemsand tools are used.         through FinanceNet, an electronic clearinghouse on the
     Specific CFO authority varies agency by agency,but may       Internet.
     include some or all of the following financial and general       The JFMIP has worked on interagency projects that
     management components: budget formulation and                developed a financial systemsframework and financial
     execution, facilities or property management, financial      systemsrequirements. For the future JFMIP plans to assist
     operations and analysis, financial systems,grants            Federal agenciesin improving their financial systemsthrough
     management, information resourcesmanagement,                 its Program Management Office. The Office will work on
     personnel, and procurement. Information of the CFO           revising the Federal government’s requirements definition,
     Council can be found at its website:                         testing, and acquisition processes;the first target of
     www.financenet.gov/financenet/fed/cfo/cfo.htm                opportunity is core financial systems.The objectives of the
                                                                  Office are to develop systemsrequirements, communicate and
                                                                  explain Federal and agency needs,provide agenciesand
                                                                  vendors information to improve financial systems,ensure that
                                                                  products meet relevant systemrequirements, and simplify the
                                                                  procurement process.
                                                                      Information on JFMIP can be found at its website:
                                                                  www.financenet.gov/financenet/fed/jfinip/jfmip.htm      or call


      Recent legislation aimed at improving financial management has had a significant impact: With the
      enactment of the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act, Agency personnel are now
      required to use new Federal accounting standards that are intended to provide greater accountability
      and better decision-making in a cost effective manner. Requirements associated with the
      Government Performance and Results Act have created a stronger and more’visible link between the
      use of financial resources and the accomplishment of program goals. Highly qualified and multi-
      skilled personnel are needed to perform the more complex tasks demanded of Federal financial
      managers to assistin having a more efficient and effective government.

      The Human Resources Committee of the,U.S. Chief Financial OlXcers (CFO) Council and the Joint
      Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) have undertaken efforts to improve the
      recruitment, training, retention, andperformance of Federalfinancial management personnel. Since
       1995, they have centered on a well-defmed set of core competencies for financial management
      personnel. The core competency documents articulate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are
      appropriate to help individuals be successful in their jobs. A review board”was established to,ensure
      the currency of these documents. Core competencies for accountants, budget analysts, and financial
      managers were reviewed. We will be issuing the revisions separately for each of these occupations.
      Note: The US. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issues all qualification and classification
      standards. Therefore, position qualification and classification standards are not included in these

      For the purpose of this document, .a Financial Manager is defined as: An individual who is
      empowered to manage the financialresources ofan organizational segment, field establishment,
      bureau, department, independent Agency, or other organizational entity of the Federalgovernment.
      A fi~ancialmanageri~responsible formanaging/supemising financial staffservices, controlling the
      &anc.&lresources of the organization, managhg and anaIyzingfinancia1 data, developing financial
      poi2ies andprocedures, and assisting senior management in decision-making, goal development, and
      overaIlmanagement activit&. This document, Core Competencies for Financial Managers in the
      Federal Government, identifies financial manager core competencies under four general categories:
      Strategic Vision, Resource and Program Management, Human Resources Management, and General.
      These core competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) enable financial managers to meet the
      challenges of today’s changing environment and the future.

      In addition to the technical core competencies, leadership competencies must also be considered.
      Leadership competencies are the personal and professional attributes that are critical to successful
      performance in many occupations. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued the
      Leadership Effectiveness Framework (LEF). LEFdefines 27 competencies that are important for
      effective performance at all leadership levels within the Federal Government. OPM identified five
      fundamental executive qualifications found on its website: ht@://wwwopm.gov/ses/h~Q’ecq4.hhn.

      In 1998, the CFO Council approved the Statement ofPrine@lesforFederaI FinancialEducation and
       Training(Appendix A). The Statement should be used in conjunction with this document and the
      other core competencies documents (Appendix B). The core competencies documents will promote a
      better understanding of human resources development in the Federal government. If you have any
      comments or changes to this document, please contact the CFO Human Resources Committee or
     Core Competencies       for Financial      Managers

 Introduction ... ..... ...... ...... ..... ......~................................................................................................   1
    Strategic Vision . ....... .... ...... ...... ...... ....... ........ ...~.........i....~...........~........................................... 3
    Resource and Program Management ........ ...... .. ...... ........ ....... ...... .... ...... ...... ....... ...... ...-............. 6
    Human Resources Management .. ...... ....... ........ ...~................................................................... 14
    General .... ..“............““““““““““..............................................................‘............................              16
    A . ......-. Chief Financial Officers Council, Statement of Principles for Federal Financial Education
          and Training ... .... .....“................................~.................................~...................~~............ 2-l
    B Core ,Competencies Documents Issued for Various Disciplines ...... ..i...L................................. 22
    C List of Abbreviations . ....... .... ....... ....... ....... .. ...... ........ ...... ....... ...... .... ...... ..~~........................23
    D Major Contributors ... ....... ...... ......~..................~~......................~..~.....................................~.          ,24
    E Instructions for Completing the Generic Individual Development Plan,Guide for Fiscal Year . ...... .25




                                                                Core Competencies   for Financial   Managers

The focus of the Core CompetenciesforF.hanciaI,Managersis           to highlight the knowledge, skills and
abilities (KSAs) that financial managers should develop in order to perform their functions effectively.
The matrix that follows also identifies formal developmental activities that may help to build those KSAs.

By using these and other financial management core competencies as a guide for staff training and
development, agencies will enhance the capabilities of their employees and improve their resource
management performance.

The ‘matrix lists 22 core competencies for financial managers under four general categories:

        >       Strategic Vision,
        >       Resource and Program Management,
        >       Human Resources Management, and
        >       General. . ’

Unlike the core competencies for budget analysts and accountants, these competencies are not broken
down into levels (entry, intermediate and senior). This is because the core competencies for all
supervisory and non-supervisory staff are basically the same.

While financial managers are strongly encouraged to pursue developmental activities under each of
the four general categories, they will need to use their discretion to decide what KSAs they need to
develop most in order to perform their functions. This matrix provides a framework from which
financial managers can make important professional development decisions.

Because the functions of financial managers vary from position to position and from Agency to
Agency, not every core competency listed in the matrix may appear to be relevant to every manager. If
viewed as a whole, the matrix will enable financial managers to consider the full spectrum of their
developmental needs and guide their decisions.

For example, a branch chief supervising employees who produce financial reports never considered
the utility of knowing how to develop budget submissions since another branch handled that function.
However, because budget formulation is a component of the Resource and Program Management core
competencies, the branch chief decides to take training on budget formulation. As a result, the
manager is able to see how reformatting spending reports could make them more useful to program
managers preparing the next budget submission.

How to Use this Document
This document is a guide to help financial managers and personnel when engaged in workforce
planning, career development, and other human resources functions. It’should stimulate discussion
between management and staff regarding professional goals and expectations, and the appropriate
training choices and assignments to reach those goals. The individual and the manager should use this
guide when developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the employee. A sample IDP can
be found in Appendix E. We also encourage the human resources community to use this guide, as
well asthe other guides in this series, when servicing their financial/budget communities.

While this document attempts to provide guidance on what KSAs managers need to develop, each
financial manager will need to review this document closely and adapt the information to help set and
achieve personal development goals. Depending on their particular responsibilities, managers may
choose to emphasize certain competencies over others. For example, a division director overseeing
300 employees may want to spend more time on human resources management competencies, while a
policies branch chief focuses more on program development and evaluation.
  Core Competencies   for Financtat   Managers
  In addition to listing core competencies for financial managers, this docutient provides guidande on
  how to develop the competencies. It lists what the learning objectives should be for potential
  develqpmental activities..A variety of courses and work experiences to achieve these learning
  experiences are provided for each of the four general categories. By pursuing these developmental             I
 activities, individuals should develop skills and expose themselves’to information that will help them
 become more effective in their critical positions as resource managers.                                        I
      : j;..
 Trainigg’ Resources                                                                                            1
 Agenciks, educational institutions, and commercial training proyiders offer a range of cdursCs to help
 employees attain the competencies described in this document. Classroom instruction is generally
 essential to learning the basic concepts, principles and policies of all the financial tianag&nent ’  ’
 disciplines. The knowledge gained must also be reinforced with practical applications in the
 workplace. And since no discipline is static, learning must be 9 continuous exercis$ ‘00th hi and out of
 > classroom ,setting.
 the                                                   ‘,                  .,      ’ \ ,’ <
‘I &&&l&t        resour,ce,fdr fhiandial managers to find education and training suited tQ their Specific
   needs is through the Internet. The FinanceNet address--http://www.fmancenet.gov/--provides          access
   to the-web pages that contain ma’fiy of the course C’atalogsand training materials form b&private      and
   public sector organizations in the iducition and trainifig %siness.

 Financial.managers, as all workers, will also benefit from managemenf training @ leadership, quality           I!
 manage6e$ ‘team  ,, management
                          ,.       and; oral and written communications.           I
 Conclhhi~~    and Recbinin~ndaths,
   The Human Resources Committee of the CFO Council, JFMIP, and other financial management
  ,leader$ .thrsughout government hav,e,recommended an,d supported the development of thecore.
 ‘.competencies documents; The Review Boards were established to ensure, the currency and accuracy
   of these,documents. For core competencies to be most effective, financial managers,and other leaders
   need to fully support and promote their use within their organ,izations. Agencies -are encouraged ,to
   share their best practices in education and training with other departments and with JFMIP for
  posting on. FinanceNet to realize maximum benefit to the government.
                                                                                                           -.   CI   -...pum7..wa7is          ,“.   r#‘,a.,cf,a‘   lJgu,47~ld

      CORE COMPETENCIES                                        LEAR$NG       ORJECTlVES                 DwOPhiENTAL                    k3lVlTlES
      (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)             !.’

A. StrategicVision
1.   Knowledgeofapplicablelegislative,administrativeand        Identify andinterpretphuming             Courses:
     regulatoryrequirements(includingthe Government            requirements of major legislativeand     ss        of FederalAppropriationsLaw
     PerformanceandResultsAct), andthe impactof those          administrativeprograms.                  Strategicplanning
     requirementson stakeholders,customers(and other                                                    GPRA implementation
     organizations),Agency strategicplansandAgency             Definerolesandmissionsof Agency          Budgetformulation
     operations.                                               and componentorganizationsas             Budgetjustification
                                                               necessaryto carry out requirements.      Budgetexecution

                                                                                                        Work Exnerience:
                                                                                                        Advocating Agency andorganizationalpositions.
                                                                                                        Testifyingon behalfof Agency.
                                                                       !                                Buildingrelationships/teams with peers/subordinates.
                                                                                                        Rotatingto otherrelevantprogramareasfor experience.
                                                                                                        Participatingin Agency planningmeetings.
                                                                                                        Participatingin inter-agencymeetings,workgroupsand
2.   Knowledgeof the strategicplanningprocessandhow it         Identify major stepsof effective         Courses:,,.
     relatesto the budgetformulationprocess,                   planningandresourceprojection            Strategicplanning
                                                               processes.           ‘.                  Principlesof.FederalAppropriationsLaw
                                                               Identity potentiallinkagesbetween        Customerorientation/service
                                                               planningandbudgeting.                    Grganizationaltheory
                                                               Describetypesof informationneeded        Public~rel.ations
                                                               for strategicplanning.                   GP.RAimplementation
                                                                                                        Performance-based budgeting
                               .._. .(               ._. _:,                                            Perfom-rance.measurement
                         :<                                            _,:.‘.,..:                       Program‘evaluation
                                                                                                   :,   Ct& &&~fi~.&&&
     Core Competencies      for Financial   Managers

         CORE COkTEtiCIES                                        LEARNING   ODJECTWES                     DEVELOPMENTAL      ACTlVlTlES
         (Knowledge  of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)

                                                                                                          work Exoerience:
                                                                                                          Developingstrategicand operationalplans.
                                                                                                          Advocating Agency andprganizationalpositions.
                                                                                                                                    with peers/subordinates.
                                                                                                          Participatingin Agencyplanningmeetings.

3.       Ability to developcreativeandinnovative solutionsto     Identify problem-solvingmethodsand       Courses:
         complexfinancial,budget,andprogrammanagement            techniques,suchasbrainstormingand        Strategicplanning
         issuesthat increaseprogrameffectivenessand customer     reinventionexercises.                    Budgetfom-mlation
         service,while decreasing/maintainingunit cost.                                                   Budgetexecution
                                                                 Identify bestpracticesin leveraging      Federalgovernmentaccounting
                                                                 fundsandusingavailablefunding            Costaccounting
                                                                 mechanisms.                              Federalauditingstandards
                                                                 Solveproblemsusingappropriate            Customerorientation/service
                                                                 problem-solvingmethodsand                Decisionmaking
                                                                 techniques.                              Creative thiig
                                                                                                          Individual effectiveness

                                                                                                          Work Exoerience:
                                                                                                          Participatingin Agency planningmeetings.
                                                                                                          Rotating to anAgency with centralresponsibilityfor finance,
                                                                                                          budgetandprogrammanagement       policies.
                                                                                                          Participatingin inter-agencymeetings,workgroupsand
                                                                                                          Writing articlesfor professional
                                                                                                          professionalgroupsor civic organizations.

4.       Ability to identify problemsandpotentialconcerns,       Identify managerialandpersonal           Courses:
         provide leadershipandinvolve othersin the decision      characteristicsin thecontext of impact   Strategicplanning
         makingprocess,andbuild supportfor optionsthat provide   on operations.                           Congressional operations
         solutions.                                                                                       Presentationskills
                                                                 Describemodelsfor decisionmaking         Leadership
                                                                 andmaximizinggroupstrengths.             Personnelmanagement


                                                                                                        -.   ci uw.#pxe7r.w~         .“I    r‘#.a..ada.   mal..a~cTs

     CORE &WETENCIES                                        LEARNING   Ot&ECTlVES                    DEVELOPMENkU              ACTIVITIES
     (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)                                                      ./,
                                                            Demonstrateleadershiptoolsand            Organizationaltheory
                                                            techniques.                              Decisionmaking

                                                                                                     Work Exuerience:
                                                                                                     Advocating Agency and organizationalpositions.
                                                                                                     Testifying on behalfof Agency.
                                                                                                     Buildiig relationships/teamswith peers/subordinates.
                                                                                                     Rotating throughor gainingbackgroundin other (relevant)
                                                                                                     Participatingin Agency planningmeetings.

5.   Ability to identify problems,provideleadership,and     Identify andinterpret FederalfinancialCourses-
     identify creativeandinnovative solutionsto complex     systems  requirementsfrom the OMB,    FFMIA
     financialmanagement     systemsdevelopmentissues.      JFMIP andTreasuryDepartment           CapitalProgrammingGuide(OMB Circular A-l 1, Part 3)
                                                            issuances.                            Federalprocurement
                                                            Identify functionaland technical      Financialreporting
                                                            requirementsfor major financialsystem Contractmanagement
                                                                                                  Work Exnerience:
                                                            Designcomplexfinancialsystem          Designingandimplementingmajor financialsystems.
                                                            componentsandinterfaces.              Developingdetailedspecifications for financialsystem
                                                            Evaluatestrategicinformation          Developingfinancialsystemstrategicplans.
                                                            technologydirectionsfor financial     Evaluatingsystemdevelopmentplans.
                                                            systems  plans.                       Developingbudgetjustificationsfor major system
                                                                  )‘                              implementations.
                                                            Identity opportunitiesfor business    Participatingin major systemacquisitionprocessfrom
                                                            practiceimprovementsenhancedby        RFP, benchmarking,testingandimplementation.
                                                            improvedfinancialsystems.             Managing’financialsystemsoperations.
                                                               .’                                 PreparingA-127 reviews.
                                                            Understandingthe conceptsand          Participatingin inter-agencymeetings,workgroupsand
                                                            techniques:ofcross-servicing.         professionalorganizations.
                                                            relateto the organizations.necds
                                                                                           and                         ,_

         -e Competencies   for Financial   Managers

         CORE COMPETENCIES                                         LEARNING   OBJECTIVES                  DEVELOPMENT&      ACTlVlTlES
         (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill    in Using:)
                                                                   supportfor financialsystems.

6.       Knowledgeof all applicableAgency, legislative,            Identify andinterpretrequirementsof    -Courses
         administrative,andregulatoryrequirementsthat define       major programandsupportareas.           Federalbudgetprocess
         resourcemanagement  functions andtheir impacton                                                  Budgetplamritigand formulation
         externalorganizationsandAgency operations.                Detinerolesandmissionsof               Budgetexecutionandfundscontrol
                                                                   organizafionsasnecessaryto carry out   FMFIA
                                                                   requirements.                           FFMIA
                                                                                                           CFO Act andotherreformlegislation
                                                                                                          ManagementAccountability andControl
                                                                                                          Principlesof FederalAppropriationsLaw
                                                                                                          Fundamentalsof Governmentprocurement
                                                                                                           CapitalProgrammingGuide (OMB CircularA-l 1, Part 3)

                                                                                                          Work Exuerience:
                                                                                                          Dealingwith competingrequirementsfor decliningresources.
                                                                                                          Planningfor andmanagingplant, property andequipment.

B. Resource and Program Management
7.       Knowledgeof structurefor appropriationsand otherfunds     Identify statutory andregulatory       -Courses.
         that supportprogramsandmissionof the Agency andhow        requirementsassociated  with budget     FederalBudgetProcess
         fund management  impactson programachievement.            execution.                              Budgetplanningandfomrulation
                                                                   Describefundscontrol andidentify        AppropriationsLaw
                                                                   internalpoliciesthat ensure             Fundamentals of GovernmentProcurement
                                                                                                                      a         -          _       .     ^     -            _---
                                                                                                                     core u3mprencms                     for tmanciat              managkvs
     CORE COMPETENCIES                                       -LEARNING      ORJECTWES                          DFJF+~~,~~~~~vI~-~Es.~:                                 :;               ::. .:: .- :. .: ;..
     (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)                                                                                                ..‘._:._I_    :
                                                              administrativecontrol of funds.                  Cash’management
                                                                                                               Credit R&+&n :                                         _              -:. -
                                                              Demonstratenecessarybudget                       Fe&~.gov~~t                     ac&ktig                 :’ _”                :
                                                              functionsto accomplishorganizational               FeMflauditirig-stu&r&                        ..I: .I,:..           ‘. .,            .... :‘..
                                                              missionwithin legalparameters.                     &&f~.&=t~~@&p&’                                  :. :. -.’ I.:
                                                                                                                Managementand prognatSanalysis
                                                              Explain optionsfor maximizing                     .&.m&e@~pla                      ‘ ’ ‘. : )            -. ;: : :.               ,j-
                                                              resourcesin complexoperating                     .,Risk'~analySi~,~..',..!            ::~,, -,-. .: .,’ ‘:..                     :‘.I.* .. I.=-..
                                                              environments.                                      Cost/her@ &dysisk:                      :‘I:        -      : ‘.
                                                              Understandthe conceptsand                         Man&,&&t:~te,-&yL                                  ;      ..             ..,/.           :, : -:
                                                              techniquesof cross-servicing,                      Contractmanag~ent j ../-.. ..’                               :-.       -; :
                                                              outsourcingandfranchisingasthey                           ^.               (,    ,:_                        :       :             .- ; -.
                                                              relateto the organizationsneeds.                  Wor&,~ce:‘;~                           :, : .. ._ .-::i ,:I,             .:.           ..-
                                                                                                                 Dealingwith~comp&ingreqGiernents                            -for d&likringresources.
                                                                                                                Managing organixation’stjudgetexecution,: .: .. :‘:
                                                                                                                Managing organization’sprocurementproceduresand
                                                                                                                 Rotathrg~through              or gainingmanagerialexperiencein a distinct
                                                                                                                 programarea:                     ;
                                                                                                                Working cooperativelywith programmanagersto establish
                                                                                                                programgoals,includingthe aligomentof resourcesand
                                                                                                                 requirements              with programgoals.
                                                                                                                ;Assessing          programperformance.
                                                                     :            ,- . .                       .IdentiQing.weaknesses                   anddevelopingimprovementplans.
                                                                                                                Networkingwithcontacts pf supportingorganizations.
                                                                                            .                   Communicatingprogramgoals,.objectives,                                and
                                                                                                                .accomp!ishmerits..1 -.2’ :
                                                                                      I.,       ..:             Evaluatingeffectivemanagement.controls.
                                                                                                                -Institutingmanagementcontrols                         and conductingreviews.
                                                                                                                Planningfor ~andmanaging                      plant, property, andequipment.
                                                                  :          -.                                 Presentingand.communicatingprogram                                goals,objectives,and
                                                                ‘_,                                              accomplishments;               includingresourcerequirements.
                                                       .-                   ::                        :            L                 ..
                                                             ,. :                                                    .’ --            :. ._            _ -                    _        ._

8.   Abihtyto-assessrisk and implcmcntappropriate              Identify legislativeandadministrativc         ~oi;rs& .i; :.>.:;;j,’ *:-..,. : : ;:,.
                                  . I     _ -.
                                            ;. ._;-     .-   :.: .;-.. ---. .. : -. .L___.-.::-.._ 1.. ; -..-_._-.. (7 TZ7 .:c.:.:. :.:-_-           : z:_--:r                      _. I .._.-___-...7.::
                                                                                                                                                                                                    -_ -r,..
         i                                                                                                                                                                                   7
                                                                                                  2;   -....             A- ._.._,   _   ..   .._   :_

CORE &&‘ElENClES                                                                                               ~I%VEL~~PMENTALACTIVITIES
(Knowledge  of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)--   I      ‘-   ’
managementcontrol systemswithin the Agency, including         requirements.                                    FMFIA
a quality assurance
                  program;andto effectively support                                                            FFMIA
programauditors,respondto findingsandharnessaudit             Identity specificfunctional areas                CFO Act andrelatedreform legislation
informationfor programimprovement.                            relevantto the review and                        AppropriationsLaw.         ,
                                                              implementationof management                      Federalgovernmentaccounting          ..
                                                              controls.                                        Federalauditingstandards                  _-
                                                              Describerolesandresponsibilities                 Managementand program-analysis
                                                              within the organizationfor maintaining           Basicsofperformancemeasurement
                                                              andmonitoringthe controls.                       Reengineering techniquesandprocesses
                                                                                                               CIO Act- The Clinger-CohenAct
                                                              Relatepotentialimpactsof                         OMB Circular A-130
                                                              requirementson operations.                       Statistics
                                                              Describeapproachesto working with                Riskanalysis             ,.
                                                              auditorsandusingaudit information.               Risk assessment.
                                                              Relaterisk assessment
                                                              controlsto programperformance      Work Exnerience:
                                                              management.                        Developing-performance  plansandinstitutingperformance
                                                                                                 InstitutingAgency management  control programs.
                                                                         .-                      Implementingand supportingmanagement     information systems.
                                                                            , .’
                                                                                                 accomplishments,,includiig resourcerequirements.
                                                                                                 Rotatingthroughor gainingmanagerialexperiencein a distinct
                                                                                                 Establishingprogramgoals,objectives,andmilestonesfor new
                                                                                                 or existing-programs,
                                                                                                 Assessingprogram  performance.
                                                                                                 Developi@solutiomto specificproblems.
                                                                                                 Identifying weaknessesand developingimprovementplans.
                                                                                                 Networkingwith contactsof supportingorganizations.
                                                                    LEARNING     ODJEicTlVES                       DEVbPiblENTALACTiVITlES           :
     (Knowledge         of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)
                                                                                                                                   for applying technologyinto workflow.

9.   Knowledge of management and evaluation systems that            Identity types of performance measures          Courses. .
     use performance measurement and cost accounting, and           and what level of information they              Federal budget process
     the ability to use them to achieve program objectives.         provide to -decision makers.                    Budget planning and presentation
                                                                                                                    Budget execution and funds control
                                                                    Describemethods for evaluating                  FMFIA
                                                                    programs with diverse customer base.            FFMIA
                                                                                                                    CFO Act and other reform legislation
                                                                    Identify principles of cost accounting,         Public Finance
                                                                                                                   Appropriations Law
                                                                    Describe strategies for implementing           Federal government accounting
                                                                    cost accounting for strengthening              ‘Federal asset management
                                                                    resource management.                           Management and program analysis
                                                                                                                   Basics of performance measurement
                                                                    Identity potentialbenefits of                  Reengineering techniques and processes
                       _, :                                         performance measurement and cost               Problem solving and decision making
                                                                    accounting to strategic management             Creative thinking
                                                                    process.                                       Strategic planning
                                                                                                                   Cost benefit analysis
                                                                                                                   Management integrity
                                                                                                                   Managerial economics
                                                                                                                   Managerial cost accounting
                                                                                                                   Modeling diagnostics (statistical)
                                                                                                                   Risk analysis
                                                                                                                   Briefing skills

                                                                                                                    Work Exuerience:                        :
                                                                                                                    Dealingwith competing requirements for declining resources.
                                                                                                                    Preparing organizational budget submission.
                                                                                                                    Managing organization’s budget execution.
                                                                                                                    Instituting management controls and-conducting reviews.
                                                                                                                    Implementing and-supporting management information systems.
                                                                                                                    Planning for-and managing plant, property, and equipment.
                                                                                                                    Presenting and communicating program goals, objectives, and
                                                                                                                   .accomplishments, including resource requirements.
                                                                                                                    Rotating .through or gaining managerial experience in a distinct
                                                                                                                    program area.
                                                                                                                    Developing and institut.mg performance measures.
                                                                                 ,~‘,:-.   .. :.                   ‘Providiig&tstomer feedback-opportunities.
                                        .. .
                                               :.                                                                                                                      9-

  “V,      u   ““..#pm7.c7#.“.c7~              ,“,   , ,,,U,,Wal,   ,,,~,,U~c7,   u

                                                                                      \                                                             -.. z                                       :   i.
        CORE COMPEkWlES                                                                   LEARNING ORJECTlVE~                          DEVELiIPWNTAL ACTlVlTlES
        (Knowledge of, Ability to Use, or Skill in Using:)
                                                                                                                                        Establishing program-goals, objectives, and milestones for new
                                                                                                                                        or existing programs, including resource requirements.
                                                                                                                                        Assessing programperformance.
                                                                                                                                        Developing solutions:to specific problems.
                                                                                                                                      ’ Identifying weaknesses and developing improvement plans. .
                                                                                                                                        Networking with-contacts of supporting organizations.
                                                                                                                                        Communicating program goals, objectives, and
                                                                                                                                        Evaluating effective management controls.
                                                                                                                                        Reengineerbigkey organizational processes.
                                                                                                                                        Managing processes for applying technology into workflow.

10.        Ability to acquire and analyze financial data and                              Identify sources of financial information    Courses:
           communicate the results to a diverse audience. Ability to                      and describe the capabilities of the         Federal budget process
           establish and maintain an integrated financial management                      systems in which the information is          Budget planning and formulation
           information system, including the establishment and                            gathered, stored, and.generated.             Budget execunon,and funds control
           maintenance of appropriate internal controls to ensure the                                                                  Fk4FIA
           generation of timely, accurate, and consistent financial                       Identify potentidl users of financial        FFMiA
           information.                                                                   information and the specific                 CFO Act and other reform legislation
                                                                                          information required to carry out            Appropriations Law
                                                                                          assigned responsibilities.                   Fundamentals of government procurement
                                                                                                                                       Cash management
                                                                                          Identify internal and external reporting     Federal govemrnent accounting
                                                                                          requirements that incorporate linar&il       Federal asset management
                                                                                          data.                                        Capital Progr ammhg Gui& (OMB Circular A-l 1, Part 3)
                                                                                                                                       CIO Act-The Clinger-Cohen Act
                                                                                          Describe pm-programmed and routine           Problem-solving
                                                                                          reports from key systems, along with         Creative thinking        _
                                                                                          other strategies for satisfying the          Basic leadership methods
                                                                                          organizational needs for financial           Federal financial management systems
                                                                                          information.                                 Contract management
                                                                                                                                       Work Exrierience: :          ..
                                                                                          ‘Identify best practices for implementing    Dealing with competing requirements for declii  resources.
                                                                                            and maintaining financial information      Preparing,organizational.budget submission.
                                         /:.                                                                      ,..
                                                                                                                                                  )_._. -~::...-                      _ .-
      10                            .-    -.
                                                                                                            wre   wmpe   Lehumuu   ,“,   . ,,,“,,“,W   ,“~,sm~~,   w

      CORE COMPETENCIES                                          &EARNING 6DJECTlVES                     DtiOPMENTAL       ACTlhlES
      (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill   in Using:)
                                                                 systems.                                Managingorganization’sbudgetexecution.        ;
                                                                 Identify techniquesfor evaluatingand    Planningfor andmanagingplant, property, andequipment.
                                                                 improvinginternalcontrolsandthe         Managingorganization’sprocurementproceduresand
                                                                 accuracyof financialinformation.        processes.                                                    /
                                                                                                         Presentingandcommunicatingprogramgoals,objectives,and         /

11.   Ability to preparebudgetsubmissions accordingto            Describethe budgetformulation cycle.          .
      prescribedformat and specifications.                                                              Federalbudgetprocess
                                                                 Identify requirementsfor variousstages Budgetplanningandformulation
                                                                 in the budgetformulationcycle.         Budgetexecutionandfundscontrol
                                                                 Describetheory and optionsin           CFO Act andother reformlegislation
                                                                 addressing  budgetstrategies.          Appropriations.Law
                                                                                   andpotentialbarriers Creativethinking
                                                                 Identify key issues
                                                                 to effectiveness.                      Basicleadershipmethods

                                                                                                         Work Exoerience:
                                                                                                         Dealingwith competingrequirements for decliningresources.
                                                                                                         Implementingand supportingmanagementinformationsystems.
                                                                                                         Planningfor andmanagingplant,property, andequipment.

12.                                                            Identify primary legislative,regulatory   Courses:
      Knowledgeof budgetactivitiesand the relationshipof these andadministrativerequnements              Management,aridprogramanalysis
      activitiesto the organizationand the programgoals.       pertainingto function-specific            Basicsof performancemeasurement
                                                               performance.                              Statistics
                                                                 Interpret requirements
                                                                                      for                Riskarialysis
                  ..                                             implementationwithin the context of     Cost/benefitanalysis
                                                                 Agency organization.                    Managerialcostaccounting.. ’
                                                                                                                    -:-    .~
      Core Competencies    for Financial Managers                                                                                                            _
                     :                                                   .,. ..,            .’
         CORE COMPETENCIES                                          LEARNING       ODJECTl~ES              DEV~LO&iENTk       ACTlVITlES
         (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill   in Using:)
                                                                    Identify andinterpretauthoritative     .Reengineering
                                                                    ensurecomplianceandconsistency         Work:Exnerience:
                                                                    within program/accountareas.           Rotatingthroughor gainingmanagerialexperiencein a distinct
                                                                    Identity the awareness
                                                                                         of customer       Developingandinstitutig performancemeasures.
                                                                    needsandtheir impacton function        Providing customers feedbackopportunities.
                                                                    performance.                           Establishingprogramgoals,objectives,andmilestones for new
                                                                                                           or existing-programs;includingresourcerequirements.
                                                                                                           Assessing programperformance.
                                                                                                           Developingsolutionsto specificproblems.
                                                                                                           IdentiQirig weaknesses and developingimprovementplans.
                                                                                                           Reengineering key organizationalprocesses.
                                                                                                           Managingprocesses  for applyingtechnologyinto worktlow.
13.     Rnowledgeof andability to useprinciples,methods,            Describeinnovative andemerging         Courses:
        techniques,and systemsof financialmanagementto              trendsin financialmanagement
                                                                                               to          Managementandprogramanalysis
        improveprogrameffectiveness  andcustomerservice.            improve operationsandcustomer          Strategicplanning
                                                                    service.                               Basicsof performancemeasurement
                                                                    Identify technologicalandprocess-      Modeling diagnostics (statistical)
                                                                    orientedtoolsto supportfinancial       Problemsolvinganddecisionmaking
                                                                    managementfunctions.                   Creativethinking
                                                                  . Shareimplementationstrategies to       Cost/benefitanalysis
                                                                    increasethe impact of new technologies Managerialcostaccounting
                                                                    andprocessimprovements.                Mahagerialeconomics
                                                                                                           Public finance
                                                                                        ,                  Management.integrity
                                                                                                           Reengineering  techniques.andprocesses
                                                                                                      .    Brielingskills

                                                                                                          Work Exverience:
                                                                                                          Rotatingthrough or gainingmanagerialexperiencein a distinct
                                                                         -’                               programareas..
                                                                                                          Developingandi&timtin~ performancemeasures.
                                                                                                               .    :.       :.:           i           ._.
  12.                                                                                 ,
                                                                                                          #L.-h   c^-..r&.--:-^          a?-.. r,,,aI,,lcilill
                                                                                                                                                a-s----:-,            ..----C^-^
                                                                                                          u”1-G   a#“,“pxt              ‘“I-                         lnalmlgpw-*

      COili COMkfENCIES                                        LEARNING 6DJECilVk             ‘.       DEVELbPMtiTAL              ACTiVlTlkS                     ’
      (Knowledge  of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)
                                                                                                     Providingcustomers    feedback,opporhmities.
                                                                                                     Establishing  programgoals,objectives,andmilestonesfor new
                                                                                                     or existingprograms;,mcludmgresourcerequirements.
                                                                                                     Assessing programperformance.
                                                                                                     Developingsolutionsto specificproblems.
                                                                                                     Identifying weaknesses    anddevelopingimprovementplans.
                                                                                                     Networkingwith contactsof supportingorganizations.
                                                                                                     Reengineering.key  organizationalprocesses.
                                                                                                     Managing.processes    for,applyingtechnologyinto workflow.
14.   Ability to assess
                      customerneedsandcustomersatisfaction, Discussmethodsandtoolsto ‘measure Courses:.
      makerecommendations     andimplementimprovementsto    customer.satisfactionandmonitor          Managementandprogramanalysis
      enhancethe delivery of goodsandservicesto customers.  customerneeds.                           Basics,ofperformancemeasurement
                                                            -Identitymethodsandtechniquesto          Problemsolvingand decisionmaking
                                                            benchmarkandassess     delivery of goods Creativethiiiirg
                                                            and servicesto customersandactionsto Strategicplanning
                                                            improvesuchdelivery.                     Reengineering,techniques     andprocesses
                                                            Identify m.odificatibnsto improve        work Exnerience:. ”
                                                            customerservice.                         Providingcustomersfeedbackopportunities.
                                                                                                     Establi$ing programgoals,pbjectives,andmilestones    for new.
                                                                                                     or e,xrstmg:programs,   includingresourcerequirements.
                                                                                                     Assessing programperformance.
                                                                                                     Rotatingthroughor gainingmanagerialexperiencein a distinct
                                                                                                     programarea.        ‘. .;
                                                                                                     Networkingwith contactsof supportingorganizations.
                    : ‘,                                          i                                  accomplishments,.            .
                                   .’                                                                Reenginee,ringkey  org*ational processes.
                                      :                        ‘.
  Core Competencies     for financial   Managers

       60~~ COMPETENC~ES                                    &ARNING    OBSEC~~ES                    DEVELOPMENTAL ACTlk-lES
       (Knowledge of, Ability to Use, or Skill in Using:)

C. Human Resource Management
15.    Knowledgeof how humanresourcespoliciesandpractices   Explain the primary statutory and     Courses.
       supportthe missions and functionsof the Agency;      regulatoryprovisionsgoverningthe      Gent           fundamentals
       applicablelegislative,administrative,andregulatory   Agency’sprogramperformanceand         Federalpersonnelprocedures
       requirements;andimpactsof humanresourcespolicieson   decision-making processes in regardto Public administration
       external organizationsandAgency operations.          humanresources.                       Motivation andcoaching
                                                            Describethe rolesof Agency support    Conflict resolution
                                                            organizationsandhow they supportthe Team-building
                                                            organization’spersonnelfunction.      Interpersonalskills
                                                            Identify requirements,techniques,and  Organizationalbehavior
                                                            processes  involved with recruiting,  Employeeproblemresolution ‘.
                                                            evaluating,andterminatingemployees. Negotiationskills
                                                                                                  Multiple projectmanagement
                                                            Identify organizationaland            Individual-strengthsandassessment
                                                            administrativebarriersto program      Mentoring
                                                            effectiveness.                        Evaluatingperformance
                                                            DescribeAgency’srelationshipwith      Sexualharassment
                                                            OMB, other agencies,   andpublic,     Adverse action
                                                            private andnonprofit. organizationsin Disability awareness
                                                            regardto humanresources    management Substanceabuseawareness
                                                            andrelated.processes.                 Ethics,standardsof conduct.
                                                            Identify managementcontrolsandkey                 I.
                                                                                                  Work Experience:
                                                            documentsassociated    with human     Managing’a diverseworkforce.
                                                                                                  Developingandimplementinga recruitmentplan.
                                                                                                  Providingemployeeswith evaluations.
                                                                                                  Servingon Agency humanresourcescouncils.
                                                                                                  Rotatingto other relevantareasfor experience.
                                                                                                  Managingcross-agency   teams. ..
                                                                                                  Negotiatingandresolvingmanagement/laborissues. ’

      CORE COMPETENCIES                                        LEARNINGODJECTWES                          DEVELWMENTAL     ACTlVlTlES
      (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill   in Using:)

      Ability to managehumanresourceplanning,recruitment       Identity statutory andregulatory           Courses:
      andselectionprocesses to acquireandmaintaina diverse     requirements  associatedwith fundiig       Managementfundamentals
      workforce in supportof the Agency’smissionand meeting    positions. .~.                             Federalpersonnelprocedures
      customerneeds.                                                                                      Managingdiversestat%
                                                               Identify requirementsasthey impact         Organizational~development
                                                               subordinateandcomponent’staffs.            Organizationalbehavior
                                                               Explain optionsfor maximizinghuman         PublicAdministration
                                                               resourcesin complexoperating               Negotiationskills
                                                               environments.Describeeffective             Interpersonalskills
                                                               workloadmodelsfor computing                Multiple projectmanagement
                                                               manpowerneeds.                             Labor management
                                                               Explain advantages,challenges,and          Budgetexecution-
                                                               maintenanceof diverseworkforce.            Work Exnerience:
                                                                                                          Managinga diverseworkforce.
                                                                                                          Developingandimplementinga recruitmentplan.
                                                                                                          Assistingstaffwith individualdevelopmentplans.
                                                                                                          Servingon Agency humanresourcecouncils.

17.   Skill at buildingteamsandfosteringcooperation            Identify principlesof team-buildingand     Courses:
      throughoutthe organization.                              group dynamics.                            Managementfundamentals
                                                               Demonstrateteam-buildingtechniques         Motivation and coaching
                                                               andmethods.                                Managingdiversestaffs
                                                               Describebasicconflict resolution           Interpersonalskills
                                                               methodsandtheir applicationto          I   Orgtiational~ development
                                                               workplacesituations.                       Employeeproblemresolution
                                                               Demonstratehow to resolvecontlicts         Multi$le project management
                                                               andmaintaina teamenvironment.              Individual strengthsassessment
                                                                                                          Ethics,standardsof conduct
                                                                                                                                                 /.    1   ,.-   ,,
                                                                                  .--_                                                                                     ‘I’,/,,

   Core Compefencies              for Financial     Managers                                                                                                          ..

      CORE COMPETENCIES                                                                                            DEVELOPMENTAL     ACTMIlES
      (Knowledge of, Ability              to Use, or Skill in Using:)
                                                                                                                   ‘Work:Exnerience: 1. )
                                                                                                                    Managinga diverseworkforce.
                                                                                                                   -Developingand~imple,menting   a recruitmentplan.
                                                                          .:                                        Providiig employeeswith evaluations.
                                                                        ‘..,.                                       Negotiatingcustomerservice.
                                                                                                                    Assis@g’staffwithindividual developmentplans.
                                                                                                                   .Rotatingto.other relevant areasfor experience.
                                                                                                                    Manamg cross-agency    teams.

18. : Abilityto~optimize workforcepotential to meetthe                  Identify-optionsfor motivation and         Courses.
      .Ag~ncy’sstrat~~c.~i~idri.    :                                   developmentof subordinatestaff..,           Gent          fundamentals
                           -                                                                                       -Fe,deralpersonnel-procedures
                                                                        Describenecessary characteristicsof         Motivationandcoaching :
                                                                        effective developmentprograms.              Managingdiversestaffs
                                                                                                                    Conflict resolution    ..
                                                                        Detail effectivemotivational strategies    .Teambuilding
                                                                        for function-specificwork,                  Interpersonalskills
                                                                                                                    Organizationaldevelopment      ”
                                                                        Describecoachingtechniquesand other         Employeeproblemresolution
                                                                        practicesencouragedto-assist                Negotiationskills
                                                                        employeesinachieving their maximum          Multiple projectmanagement
                                                                        performancepotential. .~                    Individual strengthsassessment
                                                                                                                    Ethics, standardof
                                                                                                                            ..         conduct
                                                                        Describemechanismfor providing
                                                                        constructivefeedback,flexibility, and      Work-Exuerience:
                                                                        encouragement. :.        “                 Managinga diverseworkforce.
                                                                                                                   Deveiopingandimplementinga recruitmentplan.
                                                                        Identify optionsfor assigning
                                                                                                    and            Providiig employeeswith evaluations.
                                                                        monitoringworkloadsamongstaff to           -Negotiatingcustomerservice.
                                                                        achievemaximumresultsandbenefits           Assistingstaff withindividual developmentplans.
                         ‘.                                             for organization.                          Leadingteam-buildingexercises.
                .,:.     .-
                                                                                                                   Servingon Agency humanresourcecouncils.
                       . :                                                                                         Rotating’tootherrelevant areasfor experience.
                                                                                  ,..                              Managingcross-agency    teams.
                                 ; .-_..~ i i. ;.      :-          .:
          ;z’          ,_. , ..: ;:                                      .. .    :.:
 . ,.6~                                       -.            i-                                  .             ..      .; :.             :              ,..-.
                                                                                                                               : \
                                                                                                           Core Competencies     for Financial   Managers

       CORE:COMikENCIES                                         LEAlliillNG   t%JblVkS                 DEVELOPMkNT&       ACiWljlES
       (Knowledge  of, Ability   to Use, or Skill in Using:)
D. GeIleral
19.    Ability to advocatepositions,communicateinformation      Explain methodsandtechniquesfor        Courses
       andpresenti&as andinstructionboth orally andin writing   organizinginformationin a coherent     Effective w-rilingandediting
       to internal andexternalgroups.                           andlogicalmanner.                      Listening
                                                                                                       Briefing techniques
                                                                Gain experiencespeakingin front of     Congressional   operations.
                                                                groupsand in impromptusettings.        Networking
                                                                Identify propergrannnarand acceptable Conflict management
                                                                sentencestructurefor business writing. Customerorientation/TQM
                                                                                                                   ~_.     :
                                                                Explain key principlesof effective     Work Exnerience:
                                                                communicationandrhetoricalanalysis. Working with programoffices.
                                                                                                       Servingon intra-agencyworkgroups.
                                                                Prepareandpresenta briefing.           Providingreportsto Agency management.
                                                                Prepareand/or review written           Respondingto phone/written inquiries.
                                                                correspondence.                        Briefingmanagers   outside-chainon organization’s
                                                                                                       Preparingresponses  for centralagencies.
                                                                                                       Serving.on interagencyworkgroups.
                                                                                                       Respondingto-inquiriesfrom public, Congress,-otheragencies,
                                                                                                       andother organizations.
                                                                                                       Preparing& delivering.testirnony.
                                                                                                       Representing  Agency before,outsideorganizations.
                                                                                                       Providing oral informationor issuingcorrespondenceto
                                                                                                       Congress,centralagencies,Stateand localgovernments,. and
-                                                                                                      other non-governmentalorganizations.
10.   Ability to identify key internalandexternal contactsand   Identify key contactswithin the        Courses-
      maintainthe appropriatepersonalnetworksin supportof       Agency, othergovernmentofficesand      =        writing andediting.
      the organization’sinformationneedsandinterests.           theprivate sector.                     Listening
                                                                Describebenefitsof establishing
                                                                                              and      Congressional  operations
                                                                maintaininga network of contacts.      Conflict management :.
                                                                                                       Customerorientation/TQM. ...
                 .                                              Identifytechniquesfor maintaining.-
                                                                personalnetworks.                      Work Ex eriencc:
                                                                                                       $QoiKrn’Yth. ioiam ofices:
                                                                                                                                                       17’      ~-
*e Competencies   for Financial Managers                                                                                                               ‘,

CORE COMPETENCIES                                        LEARNING ,$&JECllVES
(Knowledge of, Ability to Use, or Skill in Using:)
                                                                                                      Serving on i&a-agency workgroups.
                                                                                                     ‘Providing reports-to Agency management.
                                                                                      .’              Supporting budget requests/proposals.
                                                                                                      Responding to phone/written inquires.
                                                                 a                                    Briefing-managers outside chain on organization’s
                                                                             .:   :                  .activities/plans.     :,.,. ! y
                                                                                                      Preparing responses for central agencies.
                                                                                                      Serving on inter:agency workgroups.and.particip.ating in.
                                                                                                      professionalfinancia1 organizations: :
                                                                                                      Responding to inquiries from public, Congress, .other agencies,
                                                                                                      andotherorgtiations.~-.          :         ..      _- :~
                                                                                                      Preparing or delivering testimony;;.       :    :
                                                                                                      Representing Agency before outside organizations.
                                                                                                      Providing~oralinforrnation or issuing correspondence to
                                                                                                      Congress, central agencies; State and local governments;and
                                                                                                      :other non-govemmental’organizations.

Ability to work well on teams and in support of common   Identify personal strengths and             Courses:      ‘.
objectives among groups.                                 Geaknesses.                                 Effective writing and editing
                                                                                                     Effectivelistening                  .’ : 1’.
                                                         Participate in exercises designed to        Interpersonal skills. ;I I        ‘,:
                                                         underscore group dynamics and               Bfi&@te&&que=:                 :’         .. :
                                                         personal effectiveness.                     Congressional operations
                                                                            :                        pub~ic~~d~~s&&~~n.         :: ..:
                                                         Provide an assessment of the impacts of     Conflicthianagement
                                                         various personal styles as they relate to   Customer orientation/TQM
                                                         effectiveness in group situations.          Organizational behavior :,

                                                                                                     Work Experience:
                                                                                                     Working with program offices.
                                                                                                     Serving on intra-agency workgroups.
                                                                                                     Providiig-reportsto Agency management.
                                                                                                     Supporting budget requests/proposals.
                                                                                                     Briefmg managers outside chain on organization’s
         i                                                                                           activities/plans.
                                                                                                     Serving on interagency workgroups.           _
                                                                                                     Responding to inquiries from public, Congress, other agencies,
                                                                                                     and other orgatiations:             ‘-    ..
                                                                                                     Preparing or delivering tes.timony.
                                                                                                                          ry _. .y.: .
      CORE COMPETENCIES                                        LEARNING   ODJECTWES                   DEVELOPMENTAL      ACTtVlllES
      (Knowledge of, Ability   to Use, or Skill   in Using:)

22.   Ability to generateunderstandiigandsupportfrom higher-   Identify chainof commandand            Courses:
      level management.                                        determinethelevel of organization      Effective writing andediting
                                                               supportfor variousdecisions.           Listening
                                                                                                      Briefing techniques
                                                               Describevarioustechniquesfor keeping   Congressional   operations
                                                               managementinformedandinterestedin      Networking
                                                               organization’sperformance.             Interagencyprogramissues

                                                                                                      Work Exoerience:
                                                                                                      Working with programoffices.
                                                                                                      Servingon inter-agencyworkgroups.
                                                                                                      Providingreportsto Agency management.
                                                                                                      Briefingmanagersoutsidechainon organization’s
                                                                                                      Respondingto inquies from public, Congress,
                                                                                                                                                other agencies,
                                                                                                      and otherorganizations.
                                                                                                      Preparingor deliveringtestimony,

                                                                 Core Competencies   for Financial Managers

Appendix                A
Chief Financial Officers          Council                       :’   ,,.,,
Statement of Principles           for Federal Financial         Education      and Training

The Federal financial management community must make substantial investments in professional
development of its workforce in order to successfully meet requirements for financial services and
integrity. Well-designed anddelivered education and training programs are critical to developing and
maintaining the required level of technical, professional and managerial expertise for Federal financial

The following principles apply to planning and evaluating education and training programs for federal
financial management.                       ‘.

Quality and Accreditation
Education and training providers should meet the standards for accreditation or certification ‘that are
appropriate for their course offerings. Providers should have an,on-going process to assessand
enhance the relevancy; currency and technical soundness of course content. These assessmentsshould
draw from customer as well as internal evaluations. Instructors should be evaluated for their
effectiveness in communicating course content.
Core Competency       Profiles
Education and training courses should demonstrate, in an affirmative manner, that each course is
consistent with the core competency profiles for financial management occupations that have been
identified by the CFO Council and published in partnership with the JFMTP. Where appropriate,
practical application of course material to the Federal financial management environment should be

Education and training providers should provide flexible, effective alternative methods of course
delivery, including on-site classroom, distance learning, self-study, etc., in order to meet the diverse
needs of agencies and students.

Core Competencies   fofi Financiat   Managers

Appendix                 B                                                         .
Core Competencies              Documents        Issued for Various   Disciplines
        Core Compktencies in Financial Management for Program Managers in the Federal

        Core Competencies for Financial S&tern. Analysts in the Federal Government

         Core Competncies in Financial Management for Information TechhoJogy Personnel
        Implementing Financial Systemsin the Federal Government
                                                                          .-             .,
         Core Competencies in FinanciaI Management for Managemen t Analysts and Financial~
        Specialists in the Federal Government

        Core Competencies for Accountants in the Federal Government

        Core Competencies for Budget AnaIysts in the FedeTa Government                        L

        Core Competencies for Financial Managers in the Federk Government

y-.                                                                                                -.

                                                             Core Competencies   for. Financial   Managers

      Appendix            C

      List of Abbreviations    ‘)
      CFO          Chief Financial Off&r

      CFO Act      Chief Financial Offkers Act of 1990

      CIO          Chief Information Off&r

      FFMIA        Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996

      FMFIA        Financial Manager Federal Integrity Act

      GAO          General Accounting Offke

      GMRA         Government Management Reform Act

      GPRA         Government Performance and Results Act of 1993

      IT           Information Technology

      JFMIP        Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

      OMB          Offke of Management and Budget

      OPM          Office of Personnel Management

      RFP          Request for Proposal

      TQM          Total Quality Management

Core Competendes      for Financtat   Managem

Appendix                  D
Contributors         to the Revised Core Competencies                  for Financial     Managers:
Kassie Billingsley, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (retired)
Doris Chew, Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP)
Brian Dixon, JFMIP
Barbara Freggens, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Robert Gramling, General Accounting Office (GAO)
Wiia Green, Department of Labor
Lutricia Jackson, Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
Ted Kontek, Department of Labor
Lin Latham, DFAS
Janet McBride, JFMIP
Richard Nell, National Science Foundation
Thane Thompson, DOL Presidential Management Intern
Betty Weber, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Betty White, EPA
Nancy Zmyslinski, DFAS

This document      was developed      under the auspices of the CFO Council   Human   Resources Committee

                   Kenneth M. Bresnahan
                   Acting,Chief Financial Offricer, Department of Labor
                   Chair, CFO Human Resources Committee

                   Karen Clear-y Alderman
                   Executive Director, JFMIP

                                                                            Core Competencies      for Financial Managers

                                           Instructions for Completing the

This form is provided as atool to help employees and supervisors realize the fit11benefits of the financial management training needs
assessment, core competencies-based training, and individual development plan processes.

Before completing the form, be sure to have available a copy of each applicable core competencies document, published by the Joint
Financial Management Improvement Program, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officers Council, Human Resources Committee,
These documents are available via the Internet at: www.~~~~~e~et.poV/financenet//led/cfo/h.


                         Instructions                                 E&mples
                                                                      (Follow these examples by using the document,
                                                                       ‘Tore Comvetencies for Budget Analvsts in the
                                                                      Federa Govemmen t. “)                   I_

Items A through D are self explanatory.                               (Self explanatory)

E. E 1.Select and enter (in Section E 1) the                          For instance, using the core competencies for budget
   appropriate Core Competencies/Leanhg                               analysts document, you could select the category, “A.
   O&ctives (xno wledge 06 Ability to Use, or Skill                   Budgetxhg Concepts and Processes. ”
   in Using) listed in the applicable financial
   management core competencies document table.

F. Select and enter the applicable Competency(les)                   An example would be competency No. 2, “Nature,
   to be developedfrom the list of core                              characte&i’cs, application and structure of appropriations
   competencies provided under the category                          and other fimds that support accomplishment of the
   identified in E above.                                            Agency’s mission “which is listed under the category
                                                                     selected in the example above.
G. From the DeveIopmentaIActiviti~ column,                           The associated developmental activities for the above
   select and enter the activity(ies) that coincides                 example are the courses- Federal Budget Process and
   with the core competencies/learning      objective                Appropriations Law - and work experience (OJT).
   selected in F above.

   Enter the appropriate    23ziti~prioritycode.                     The code entered is based on how critical the
                                                                      developmental activity is to your ability to perform your
                                                                     job. For instance, the course on the Federal Budget
                                                                     Processmight be crucial to your ability to understand and
                                                                      apply budget formulation and execution procedures. In
                                                                     this instance, the code A (Essential) would be the
                                                                      appropriate entry.

I-I. Enter the appropriate Tjpe oflkvelopment                        Continuing with the examples provided, activity code C
     Activi~s) as indicate in the core competencies                  (denoting course(s)) would be entered here. Also, for
     table.                                                          work experience, one or a combination of the other
                                                                     activity codes could be applicable, &pending on the
                                                                     method you plan to use to acquire the &sired knowledge
                                                                     (i.e., OJT, Detail, or Other).

Core Competen&s       for Financial Managers
I.   Enter the applicable training Dates.       (For course information, the FinanceNet training
                                                webpage-- www,financenet.gov/financenet/johs--is   a
                                                useM foolin locating applicable training vendors, courses
                                                and dates .)

J.   Enter the No. ofHorzsassociated with the   (Course schedules usually specify this information. For
     training activities denoted in G above.    other training, such as OJT, details, self-development, etc.,
                                                enter the estimated number of training hours if exact hours
                                                are not known.)

K. Enter the Costof the training activity.      (Self explanatory)                                              I
L.   The Supervisorenters an Assessmentof the   An assessment might read, “I concur with the information
     information contained in the IDP Guide.    provided’ or the supervisor may wish to add, delete, or
                                                change information reflected in the employee’s IDP.             I

Section M is self explanatory.

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