Impoundments Rejected

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-07-29.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                         DOCUMENT RESUME

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[Impoundments Rejected]. OGC-77-24; B-115398. Jujy 29, 1977. 1
Report to the Congress; by Paul G. Dembling, Genaral Counsel.
Contact: Office of the General Counsel: Special Studies and
Budget Function: Miscellaneous: Impoundment Control Act of 1974
Organization Concerned: Department of Defense; Department of the
    Navy; Office of Management end Budget.
Congressional Relevance: Congress.
Authority: Impoundment Control Act, sec. 1012(b).
         A rescission o $126,212,000 in bunget authority
available to the Department vi the Navy for its Patrol Hydrofoil
Missile Program (R77-14) was proposed in the Presideat's 12th
special message for fiscal year 1977 (May 18, 1977). Congress
failed to complete action on the rescission hill within the
statutory :5-day period of continuous cngressional session
following the day the proposal was received. As a result, the
funds have been apportioned by the Office of Management and
Budget to the Department of Defense and are available for
obligation. (DJM)
     ,XJ.     .
              ~/      ...      UNITED STATES GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE          i7'/
                                       WASHINGTCON, D.C.   20548

                                                                   IN RPL.Y
oric- or GO.NEwAL   COUNSE.L
                                                                   ,n   T      B-115398
                                            July 29, 1977

            To the President of the Senate and the
            Speaker of the House of Representatives

                 The purpose of this letter is to report on the
            status of budget authority that was proposed, but
            rejected, fcr rescissioi;. In his l1th special message
            for fiscal year 1977, dated May 18, 1977, the President
            proposed the rescission of $126,212,000 in budget author-
            ity that had been made available for shipbuilding and
            conversion activities cf the Department of the Navy,
            Patrol Hydrofoil Missile Program (R77-14).

                 Section 1012(b) of the Impoundment Control Act
            requires that funds proposed for rescission be made
            available for obligation unless the Congress completes
            action on a rescission bill within the 45-day period
            of continuous congressional session following the day
            such a proposal is received by the Congress. For R77-14
            the 45-day period expired on July 22, 1977.

                 We have confirmed that the subject budget authority
            has been apportioned by OMB to the Department of Defense
            and that it has been made available for obligation.

                                               Paul G. Dembling
                                               General Counsel