Impoundment Control: Status of Deferral Reported in President's Third Special Impoundment Message for FY 1990

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1990-04-09.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

Comptroller General
of the United States
Washington,   D.C. 20548


  April       9,   1990

  The President of the Senate and the
  Speaker of the House of Representatives
  On March 6, 1990, we provided           our report     to the Congress
  pursuant   to section    1014(b) o,f the Impoundment Control               Act,
  as amended, 2 U.S.C.       ยง 685(b),      on the President's        third
  special   impoundment message for Fiscal             Year 1990, dated
  February   6, 1990.     Of the 19 deferrals          of budget authority
  reported   in the President's       third    special     message, our
  report   addressed 18 of the reported           deferrals.       With respect
  to the remaining     deferral    (D90-221,      we advised the Congress
  that we ware in the process of gathering               information       on it
  and would report     the results      of our review separately.
  By letter       dated March 28, 1990, Richard G. Darman, Director
  of the Office         of Management and Budget, informed               the
  Chairmen and Ranking Minority                  Members of the House and
  Senate Appropriations              Committees     that the administration          no
  longer      intended     to withhold       the funds reported       as deferred
  in the President's           third     special    message.    The latest
  apportionment         statement      for the Air Force's       Research,
  Development,        Test, and Evaluation            account,  dated April       5,
  1990, shows that the $100,000,000                   reported  as deferred       in
  D90-22 has been released               and is currently      available     for
  obligation.         Accordingly,        we no longer plan to report            on
  the subject        deferral.
 of the United States
                           1                                                   I