Inventory of Federal Drug-Abuse Programs

Published by the Government Accountability Office on 1977-12-22.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                          DOCUBNIT   EBSUMB
07141 - (B2697766]
[iCventory of Federal Drug-abuse Prograaa]. PAD-78-39; B-175425.
December 22, 1977. 2 PF-
Report to Rep. Lester I. iolff, Chairman, House Select Committee
on Narcotics Abuse and Control; by Robert P. Keller, Deputy
Coaptrcller General.
Contact: Program Analysis Div.
Organization Concerned: Department of Health, Education, and
Congressional Relevance: House Select Committee on Narcotics
      buse and Control. Rep. Lester L. Wolff.
 r.thonity: Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1972 (P.L.
     92-255;87 Stat. 77; 21 U.S.C.   1171).
          A sur'ey-based inventory of Federal drug-abuse ptriglrs
and related activities was compiled. Some ag&9encies,  en firct
questicned, were not aware of legislative        aendates
affecting their agency. Once informed, manydrug
                                             did supply program
data. Some agencies did not provide all of the reamasted
information on all programs benefiting drug abusers or narcotics
addicts. Host of these agencies vere within the Department
Health, Education, and Welfaro. Ageacies with demand reduction
programs were not prorer.ting a budget line tiame for these
programs. Many agency responses had minor tectanical problems,
including incomplete legal citations, program names, or
obligation data. (BBS)
    $ ,5 ; e                      GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES
                                 WAIHINGTCaN D.C. 2054

 B-175425                                                        December 22, 1977

 The Honorable Lester- L. Wolff
 Chairman, Select Committee on
   Narcotics Abuse and Control
 United States House of Representatives

 Dear Mr. Chairman:

     In your letter of April 6, 1977, you requested our assistance in the
development of a summary of Federal narcotics abuse and control pro.grams,
to be published by the Select Committee as a part of its Congressional
Resource Cuide, including nrc-ram authorization and finar.cial infcrmation
for fiscal years 19s9 and 1975. As agreed to with your representatives
our participation was limited to the develcpment of an inventory of Federal
drug abuse nrocrams and related activities based on a survey of selected
a;encies, tabulation of responses, and submittal to the Coramittee o;it-out
detailed verification or conclusions.

        An early draft of the inventory was provided to your representatives
on August 31, 1977. At that time, we advised them of the followi.-           observa-
tions b-sed on our work:

        --some agencies when first questioned were not aware of legislative
          drug mandates affectrin their agencv: oncp informed and after further
          research, many did supply program data,

        --some agencies did rat provide all the requested informaticn on all
          progra-s bencfittin-  'drugabusers or narcotics addicts most of
          these -ere agencies within the reartment of Health, Iduc--:in, and

        --agencies :-ith demand reduction progra-s were not presenti-. a budget
          line itemI for these prczrams, as rezuired bv section 4"'    t-
                                                                       Eb Drug
          Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1972 (P.L..92-255, 87 Stat. 77,
          21 U.S.C. 1171); and

     --many agency responses had minor technical problems, in:luding incomplete
       legal citations, pro;ram names, or obligation data.

     Your representatives requested that we fill the minor information gaps
to the extent tractical.  They advised us that the Cor-unittee would follow-
up with those agencies that did not provide all the needed program and
financial data.

                                                 of thle updated inventory to
     On November 23, 1977, we delivered a copy
the Committee representatives    This version reflects the results of ourin
                                          transmittal completes our work
follow-up inquiries and research. This
                                            I hope the information will prove
response to -,our April 6, 1977, request.
                                           of the resource guide.
usefal to ycar Committee and other users
                                     Sincerely yours,

                                            R.F. K1LCER

                                     Comptroller General
                                     of the United States

 cc:    jr. Staats
       Mr. Keller
       Mr. Havens (PIED)
       Mr. Crowther (PAD)
       Mr. Myers (PAD)
       Mr. Uunter (PAD)
       Mr. Jaxel (PAD)
       Mr. Hill (PAiD)
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