Review of Complaint, Waterville Housing Authority, Waterville, Maine

Published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector General on 2000-10-26.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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October 26, 2000                                 Audit Memorandum

MEMORANDUM FOR: Donna Ayala, Office of Public Housing, 1APH

FROM: Stephen D. King, Acting District Inspector General, Office of Audit, 1AGA

SUBJECT:        Review of Complaint
                Waterville Housing Authority
                Waterville, Maine

As requested by your office, we performed an audit survey of the Waterville Housing Authority’s
(WHA) Operations. Our objectives were to determine the validity of a complaint identifying six
issues brought by a former WHA employee, and to identify any other indicators of problems or
deficiencies in WHA’s operations, particularly those conditions that may be indicators of fraud,
waste and mismanagement.

Our review confirmed the following conditions alleged by the complainant. However, there was
no evidence that these conditions continued to exist at the time of our audit survey.

        •   The complainant stated that WHA maintenance employees were allowed to purchase
            items for personal use at local businesses and charge them to WHA’s account,
            thereby receiving a 20 percent discount on the price. WHA employees either paid in
            cash at the time of purchase, or they reimbursed WHA for the purchased item(s)
            when the invoice was received from the vendor. Our review concluded that this
            practice occurred prior to February 1999, however, it has not occurred since that
            time. The WHA Executive Director stated that, although she permitted this practice to
            continue until 1999, she eliminated it after the complainant was terminated.

        •   The complainant stated that WHA maintenance personnel plowed snow and
            performed other maintenance and repair work at the residence of the Executive
            Director (using WHA purchased material). Our review determined from statements
            made by the Executive Director and the Physical Plant Manager, that maintenance
            personnel plowed snow at the residence for many years. However, there was no
            documentation available (maintenance work orders) indicating that this practice
            occurred. We found no evidence that WHA employees performed any other
            maintenance work at the Executive Director’s residence.

        •   The complainant stated that WHA staff personnel did not adequately account for
            money collected from coin-operated laundry machines in the housing developments.
            During our review, the WHA Fiscal Officer stated that some laundry machines were
            not producing as much income as others prior to 1999. According to the Fiscal
            Officer, after the complainant turned over his keys to the machine coin boxes in the
            fall of 1998, the income increased on the machines in question and has remained
            steady since that time. No records were maintained on the income levels prior to
            February 1999. Therefore, we were unable to verify the statement of the Fiscal

We found no evidence that confirmed the existence of the following conditions cited by the

        •   The Executive Director and Board members purchased WHA equipment
            and appliances at little or no cost.

        •   WHA failed to prepare and submit required financial reports to HUD in a timely
            manner, and had difficulty paying its bills.

Our review, however, identified the following condition that continues to exist:

        •   WHA has not established proper inventory controls over its fixed assets, such as
            equipment items and appliances.

Within 60 days please give us, for the recommendation in this memorandum, a status report on:
(1) the corrective action taken; (2) the proposed corrective action and the date to be completed;
or (3) why action is considered unnecessary. Also, please furnish us copies of any
correspondence or directives issued because of this review.

If you or your staff have any questions, please contact our office at (617) 565-5259.

The Waterville Housing Authority (WHA), located at 60 Elm St., Waterville, Maine, has a staff of
13 employees. The Executive Director is Ms. Terri E. Connatser. WHA has 192 Public Housing
Units; 388 Section 8 certificates; 72 Section 8 vouchers; and 15 Moderate (MOD) Rehab units.
In FY 1999, WHA received $ 2.9 Million in total funding; $ 991,000 for WHA Owned Housing;
$ 1.4 Million for Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers; and an additional $ 544,000 for Other
Programs (two properties managed by agreement with Maine State Housing Authority, Augusta,

The Total Maintenance costs for WHA in FY 1999 were $ 236,589, including $ 107,285 for the
Maintenance staff. The FY 1999 salary for the Maintenance Supervisor (Physical Plant Manager)
of $38,174 was charged as Administrative costs.

                              Scope and Methodology
To accomplish our objectives, we interviewed cognizant HUD personnel in the Office of Public
and Indian Housing. We also reviewed WHA background information on file at the HUD offices
in Boston, Massachusetts and Manchester New Hampshire.

At WHA, we interviewed management personnel. We evaluated controls and procedures over
fixed assets, materials and supplies. We also determined whether WHA complied with pertinent
requirements pertaining to contracting and procurement. We reviewed WHA bank accounts and
controls over cash receipts. We reviewed the duties and procedures relating to the maintenance
staff, particularly with regard to controls over timekeeping and work orders. We reviewed the
Physical Inspection Reports for all WHA managed properties.

Our review was conducted in August 2000, and included the operations of WHA from January
1998 to September 2000.

                                     Review Results
Our review determined that, of the problem areas identified by the complainant, only one
remained unresolved; the controlling and safeguarding of fixed assets. WHA’s internal controls in
this area are inadequate and need to be improved.

Section 309 of the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) requires WHA to maintain complete
and accurate books of account and records. Records must be kept of all personal property,
including annual inventories of all equipment. Accurate inventories are necessary to safeguard
against the loss, misuse, or waste of WHA equipment.

WHA’s Fixed Assets (Land, Structures, and Equipment) as of June 30, 1999 totaled $7.43
million, including $369,259 in equipment and appliances. WHA does not maintain inventory
controls over non-expendable items such as equipment and appliances. WHA does not maintain
a listing of inventory on hand nor do they perform a physical count of the items on an annual basis.
Also, WHA has neither prepared nor maintained property ledger cards, and has not ensured that
items of equipment and appliances have inventory control tags. Without proper controls over
fixed assets, there is limited assurance that the assets have not been lost or stolen.

WHA management personnel stated that the previous Physical Plant Manager had not established
proper controls over fixed assets, and, that they recognized this issue was a significant deficiency
in WHA’s operations.. The lack of annual inventories, tagging all items of equipment, and
maintaining complete and accurate property records, prevents WHA from properly safeguarding
assets and from ensuring that the amounts recorded on the books and the financial statements are

We recommend that you:

        1. Require WHA to establish and implement inventory control procedures for all WHA
           fixed assets, including equipment and appliances.

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