Lutheran Soc. Svcs. Mgmt. Agent, Dayton, OH

Published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector General on 1998-04-24.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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                                                                           Audit Memorandum

April 24, 1998

Memorandum For: Preston A. Pace, Director, Columbus Multifamily Hub, Ohio State

From: Dale L. Chouteau, District Inspector General for Audit, Midwest

Subject: Lutheran Social Services
         Management Agent Operations
         Dayton, Ohio

We completed a review of the books and records of Lutheran Social Services related to the operation
of six HUD insured projects (Group Homes) it manages. We performed the review at the request of
the former Director of the Multifamily Division in the Cincinnati Area Office. The Office was
concerned that Lutheran Social Services was not calculating tenant rents and Section 8 rental subsidy
amounts correctly. The Cincinnati Office was also concerned that Lutheran Social Services was
double dipping by obtaining HUD subsidy and then also receiving reimbursements for the subsidy
amounts from the State of Ohio through Medicaid. The objectives of our review were to determine
whether the tenants participating in Section 8 subsidy programs were eligible and assistance payments
made on their behalf were proper; and if the use of projects' funds was in compliance with the
Regulatory and management agreements and other applicable HUD requirements.

We determined that Lutheran Social Services used projects’ funds in compliance with the Regulatory
Agreements and other HUD requirements and tenants who received Section 8 subsidies were eligible.
Lutheran Social Services was also currently calculating tenant rents properly and receiving proper
subsidy payments. However as of February 28, 1998, the Management Agent owed HUD $12,269
and was paying HUD $100 per month as a result of incorrect tenant rent calculations that occurred
prior to 1995 for residents of Ohio House and Valley House.

The six HUD-insured Group Homes operated by Lutheran Social Services contain a total of 50 units
and are insured under Section 202 of the National Housing Act. They are organized as non profit
corporations and are operated for the mentally handicapped/developmentally disabled. All units receive
Audit Memorandum
Section 8 rental subsidy from HUD. Medicaid through the State of Ohio subsidizes the tenants
remaining expenses.

Four of the Group Homes are Purchase of Service facilities where the tenant receives Supplemental
Security and Social Security benefits. HUD provides a Section 8 rental subsidy and Medicaid
subsidizes the care of the tenants.

Two of the Group Homes (Ohio House and Valley House) are Medicaid facilities in which tenants
receive only a $30 per month Supplemental Security Income allowance. The Agent is reimbursed by
Medicaid for the care of the tenants. HUD subsidizes the unit rent and the Agent is reimbursed by
Medicaid for the tenant portion of the rent.

The books and records for Lutheran Social Services are maintained at 6445 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton,

To achieve our objectives, we interviewed HUD personnel and officials in the Cincinnati Office to
obtain their concerns regarding the projects' operations. At the Cincinnati Office, we also reviewed the
management reviews, physical inspection reports, the audited financial statements, and the
correspondence regarding the overpayment of HUD Section 8 subsidy. At the Management Agent's
office, we interviewed the Agent's staff to obtain clarification regarding the methods used for
calculating the rental subsidies and the allocation of costs to the projects. We reviewed the accuracy of
tenant rent and Section 8 rental subsidy for seven tenants from 1987 to 1997. We also reviewed the
Medicaid cost report, general ledger and invoices.

We held an exit conference with the Administrator of Lutheran Social Services on March 12, 1998 to
discuss the results of our review.

Should you or your staff have any questions, please contact me at (312) 353-7832.

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Audit Memorandum

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  United States Senate, Washington, DC 20515-4305
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  United States Senate, Washington, DC 20515-4305
Ms. Cindy Sprunger, Subcommittee on General Oversight and Investigations,
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Mr. Pete Sessions, Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Congress of the
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