Applicant/Grantee/PI False Certification

Published by the National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General on 2014-08-28.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                                                 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
                                                  OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL
                                                    OFFICE OF INVESTIGATIONS

                                           CLOSEOUT MEMORANDUM

 Case Number: 1-11070031                                                                Page 1 of 1

         We received an allegation that a compan/ may have performed work on its NSF award in a
         foreign country, in violation of the requirements of the Small Business Innovation Research
         program. An investigation found evidence that the company did perform research in another
         country with regards to DOD funding, but with regard to the NSF funding, the evidence is
         inconclusive. The case was presented to DOJ for criminal prosecution and declined. Other
         investigating agencies are also pursuing civil and administrative remedies umelated to the NSF
         award, including suspension and debarment.

         This case is -  - with no further action taken.

NSF OIG Form 2 (11/02)