Grant Fraud

Published by the National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General on 1997-09-24.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

                             NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATiON
                                  4201 WILSON BOULEVARD
                                 ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA 22230



Date:          September 24, 1997

To:            I97P10004-
From:                                   'al Agent

Via:           ~pecial Agent,in

Re:.           Resolution of Case

              23, 1997, an NSF contracts specialist referred allegations made
                _               PI on~SFrant                   , alleged that
               State University               his former employer refused to             grant
                               employe with the University of                 Instead, _
                "Lc:llll<;;L1 the transfer for several months                  (approxi~
                remaining $30,000) from the grant during that tIme

   Our office contacted b o t h _ and the _epartment where . u s e d to work. We
 . also ~eviewed account summaries and o. t.he.~r
                                              .nanccial documentati~V1ded to us by~ยท
   Based on these interviews and reviews, we determined that the ~charges for the four
  months between the time _ _ left _ a n d his grant transferred were for grant,related
~itures that _~rlier approved and budgeted for. In fact, when interviewed,
_          stated that ~sing" $15,000 could have conceivably been spent during these four

.."months on, among other things, the salaries of the graduate students he had left behind at

 Due to lack of evidence to show that~tentionally mischarged the NSFgrant, further
 investigation is not warranted at this t~his case is closed.

 ~laimed that . d i d this, in part,     to buy time in order to suggest to NSF that   be replaced as