Published by the National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General on 1997-08-22.

Below is a raw (and likely hideous) rendition of the original report. (PDF)

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             On July 1, 1997, our office .received an anonymous letter 

           _                  an NSF princiPali!'nvestiator (PI) at the 

            ~nt(s) alleged that                             ad sent nearly IGentllcai POOIPOI;alS
             agencies and received funding fo~ t ese proposals. They also 3J.leged                     travel funds
             for unnecessary trips, and tak.es his wife to conferences and din~ers at the expense of sponsors.

            I reviewed _        NSF grants from 1992 to present'           -and _ . The former
            is a current grant. In the current and                      section ~sal. Miller did
            not include his liPA grant no.                       make referen~e to this in the body of the
            propos,al. It is possible that            in t                     have been an oversight and
            not intentional. In reviewing the_section                        there was no evidence of any
            other ~ants, federal or non,federal,~ excluded from this section.

            I reviewed a list of current and closed grants                                      the past three years from federal and
            non,federal sources.' I reviewed liPA grant no.                                      and found no duplication t~
            NSF proposals.

                                                         submitted only. 1 travel voucher for a trip to the Fall 1996
                                              """'~'''.6 in San Francisco, CA. I found no· evidence of third party
                                       .             charges, i.e. for ~fe, or other types of fraud from this
            travel voucher and source documentation. ~t=rfudit has decided to inquire" as to why"
            the expenses for this trip were divided between two of_federal grants (NSF and EPA).                   .

            There is no evidence which supports the allegations received by this office. At this time, this case
            is closed.